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Coming Events:



DIY Self Healing (£5) with Robert Jardine

Wednesday 05th September at 2pm


If you have ever wondered what you can do to help yourself to control debilitating conditions like Crohn's, IBS, Skin conditions, any other disease you can think of. These two hours will let you see what can be done to alleviate some very painful conditions. Robert Jardine will be explaining how to do this. Its simple and will change your thoughts on many conditions. For further information please go to:


or meetup.com for more information on talks, workshops and courses.
Admission £5 including refreshments.



Tea and Tarot (£10)



Various readers available to do short readings Monday to Saturday 10am till 5pm, bookings or drop in...and you get a cup of tea to enjoy too.

5pm till 10pm BOOKING ONLY.

Payment to be made in advance by clicking the purchase tab stating it is for Tea and Tarot.








Coffee Cup Readings

£35 for 30min. You could bring a friend and have 2 readings for £55.

Please book your reading at www.shininglight.org.uk/purchase with your preferred time.

Additionally you can book through the phone

0131 652 1010 / 07885 833269


Payment to be made in advance by clicking the purchase tab Coffee Cup reading.

Thank you!

"Shine the light on your future and release the past"


Over the years Shining Light has blossomed into a vibrant psychic and holistic centre for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being offering spiritual guidance with psychic readings and complementary and holsitic therapies.