- Aura Readings & Bi-Aura Therapy £25/£45

Richard is a Bi-Aura therapist who works with the chakra system and he was featured in Chat “It’s Fate” magazine. He is also clairsentient where the aches and pains of the client temporarily manifest within his own body during a session.


He was the first energy therapist to be featured on the discount website "Wowcher", and he has given talks in the Theosophical Societies of Edinburgh and Glasgow.


He performs distance healing, aura readings and Bi-Aura therapy and can be booked via his website.

Tel: 07792 854088

“I am still off my pain killers and no longer seeing a physio and back to working. And I feel I am in a much better place in my life now and I do believe it all started with the bi-aura.” (Six months later).
After you have arranged your appointment time on 07792 854088, please confirm with a £10 deposit... (non refundable)
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