Miroslav R. Mitrovic- Heal Your Life Teaching

Do you feel that there are blocks to you achieving the life you want?


Are you ready to make changes to help you achieve your dreams?


If so, you might be interested in upcoming events in our community.


Miroslav R. Mitrović, certified and licensed Heal Your Life® Teacher presents workshops that will help participants identify negative beliefs that are limiting them and then learn transformational techniques to release limitations and go beyond them.


Participants will learn that loving themselves is the foundation for making positive changes.


While this is easy to say, it is not often easy to do! Using affirmations,

visualizations and other techniques, they will experience transformation as they heal the

past and allow barriers to dissolve.


The results from doing this workshop may include:

  • improved personal relationships,
  • more happy and productive at work,
  • improved finances,
  • great positive relationships with family, friends and people.
  • changing thoughts to be more positive and open.

Every area of life can be improved with this workshop:

relationship, health, career, prosperity, understanding others, unblocking trust.


For more information about this powerful workshops, please contact:

Miroslav R. Mitrović - Heal Your Life® Teacher


CLICK HERE to view Miroslav's website.


After you have arranged your workshop date on 07885 833269, please confirm with a £15 deposit... (non refundable)

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