Korean Hand Therapy 
Korean Hand Therapy (KHT) is a system for using points on the hands that correspond with acupuncture/meridian points on the body. By stimulating these specific points on the hand you can help relieve pain and restore balance to the internal organs.

KHT is very similar in concept to reflexology of the foot and was discovered in 1971 by Dr. Tae-Woo Yoo, O.M.D., Ph.D. in Korea the system has been clinically and experimentally tested for accuracy.


KHT uses a number of different techniques to stimulate specific parts of the hand and includes the entire acupuncture meridian energy system, but in miniature, on the hand.

  • Coresspondence Technique

A metal probe can be used to find sensitive areas in particular parts of the hand in conjunction with other KHT techniques.

  • Hand Acupressure

Small metal pellets can be taped to the hand to stimulate hand acupressure points for healing/and balancing the organs in the body.

  • Hand Moxabustion
Tiny ceramic discs containing Mugwart (herb) are heated to promote healing within the body.
  • Hand Acupuncture

Miniature needles are inserted into the hand at specific points to stimulate the bodies own healing system.


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