Japanese Numerology



(£40 per session)



Naoko is the only Japanese Numerologist working

outside Japan and provides readings and counselling in

this modern version of an ancient wisdom.


★★★ Enjoy contented life with Numerology ★★★


Do you find it difficult dealing with your emotions?

Do you feel you continuously follow the same circle? Does life feel difficult?


However life exists to be full of joy. Once you master


realise ‘LIFE is full of JOY’.


Numbers are the language of the universe. They don't

only describe figures but tell you significant meanings &



Let’s find out more about yourself (characters, thoughts

and behavioural patterns, real intentions etc) and

discover the universal structure which is a necessity to



Enjoy playing this symphony and feel full of JOY in your



The key to contented life is here.

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Naoko also does Reiki at Shining Light.



"Fantastic! Very accurate!"

"Very interesting and accurate. Gave me a lot of impression."


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