- Georgina Holdsworth (30 mins £55)


Georgina Holdsworth is a psychic medium who links with loved ones in spirit and sees the way ahead (as long as free will allows it) and she has an excellent reputation of being very accurate with the feedback she receives as the testimonials confirm.



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- Marion Scott (30mins £50)

Marion Scott
Angels tell you what you need to know rather than what you would like to know. They may or may not answer your question but you will have the information that will take you forward. Readings are uplifting and positive.
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- Richard Barriball (30mins £25)

What does your aura say about YOU?
Find out with an aura reading.
An aura reading shows
• how much energy is in each of your chakras,
• what all the colours mean in your aura,
• the personality characteristics of your aura colour type,
• how emotional you are,
• how relaxed you are (mentally and physically),
• your mind/ body/ spirit balance.

All this and more in a 22 page pdf which is emailed to your inbox. Richard is also clairsentient and can often feel energy shifts going on within the body. 
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REALM READING Realm reading script £15
Coffee Cup Readings

Angel Tarot Card Reading opens answers that Angels are giving us as we asked questions. Sometines you would get messages that are or great importance but not neccessery asked for. Short readings also available. For readings at parties and events please contact 07885833269


Clairvoyant Bosnian syle Coffee cup readings would provide you with guidance and information on a range of life issues such as business issues, private life, and your relationship with people. We will be talking about past, present and close future life. Coffee readings are done in person.

Coffee readings only in person £35

For parties and groups, please contact 07885 833269/


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- Naoko Ross

Japanese Numerology is a very accurate life-style profiling method full of Japanese spirit and energy (Ki), Chinese (Chi) and Sanskrit (Prana).


Kouei Hazuki is the founder who edited an "Ancient Natural Philosophy" (handed down for 2500 years) and re-arranged into this modern version. It is used extensively in Japan across a broad range of society.


It's easy to get involved and great to learn this Universal ONE love. Join Naoko and find out your “1 in 12000” character/personality permutation in order to better plan your life. Naoko is the only Japanese Numerology specialist working outside Japan.


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 Earth Magic Oracle Cards &Tarot Readings @ Shining Light

- Mia Lutsch (30 mins)

Mia Lutsch

These cards connect a person with earth energies, providing guidance on one's soul path. I read intuitively with the aim of helping the client towards personal empowerment. Readings can unblock stuck energy and bring clarity.


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Readings £25- £50. By making an appointment, you agree to the terms and conditions of booking. Please CLICK HERE to pay for your reading and Paypal will email you a receipt. If you do not have a PayPal account then don't worry. PayPal accept all the major cards and you do not need a PayPal account. Thank you.