Richard Barriball - Bi-Aura Therapist 
* Bi-Aura Therapy (£45 for 1-hour)


Bi-Aura therapy is a chakra based energy healing which gets the chi moving to release stuck and heavy energy leaving the client to feel lighter and happier both physically and emotionally. As featured in two national magazines with 12 years experience.

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Carrie Red - Massage  & Relexology Therapist 
* Swedish Massage (£45-£60 for 60-90mins)

* Deep Tissue Massage (£45-£60 for 60-90mins)

* Reflexology (£30 for 30mins)


I utilise Swedish massage techniques, deep tissue massage and intuitive massage to sooth the mind, body and soul. Massage has many benefits for our physical bodies, such as improved sleep, circulation and easing of muscular pain.

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