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I have been clairsentient (feeling) since a change in my spirit guide in 2013 linked to my past lives in Buddhism. I feel the imbalances of others both energetically and physically. So if you carry a bad emotion for a period of time, then the potential for a physical imbalance is possible if that imbalance continues on the same vibration.


For example, if you are a woman with a communication issue with your male partner, then I will feel an ache in the neck on the right. So your partner literally can be a pain in the neck!


As a Bi-Aura therapist, we are trained in recognizing the emotional link between the mind and the body. If it is said that people can beat cancer with their minds, then could your thoughts or emotions cause it in the first place?


Example 1:
I once had a client who's partner was suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer. So I looked up my chakra chart to see that the pancreas connects with the solar plexus which has the natural right "to act and be individual" with the saboteur of "shame".


The issues of this energy centre include: energy, action, transformation, drive, will power, sense of self, sense of identity. So I asked my client if there was anything happening in her partner's life that could bring a challenge to his sense of self, or a situation where there may be any shame being carried.


She replied "Well, even though he's in a long term relationship with me, he's still married to his ex wife!


So if the theory is valid, it would appear that the shame he carried from this situation may have caused the cancer in the beginning.


Example 2:
In a Facebook exchange with a friend, my feelings were being drawn to a heaviness that I felt she was carrying in the lower right of the body. She divulged that she had a cancer scare in the uterus.


So I looked up a human anatomy chart to see that sure enough, the heavy sensation I felt on me was identical to where the uterus is normally positioned on a female (and no, I do not have a uterus! Lol).


In my Bi-Aura training, we were taught that the right side of the body responds to your interactions with male energy.


Then my intuition told me that the cancer scare happened because of the anger that she carried towards the father of her children who is an absent father.


Derren Brown is a theatrical illusionist and hypnotist. He says...


“It isn’t really events that cause our problems, but more our reactions to them.


You cannot control other people and events, but you are in control of your thoughts and actions.


If you let it go, nothing bad happens.”


He is correct! So if Derren Brown can induce healing on a mass of people in a theatrical audience by leading them and hypnotizing them into a “good feeling” place, then how did those symptoms of illness manifest in the first place? By carrying negative thoughts and feelings and not letting them go.


By not letting go, you induce your body to suffer by letting things eat at you from the inside out.


As featured in "Chat It's Fate" & “Kindred Spirit” magazines.



“I am still off my pain killers and no longer seeing a physio and back to working. And I feel I am in a much better place in my life now and I do believe it all started with the bi-aura.”(Six months later).


"When it came to giving feedback, Richard was spot on with everything that he picked up from my energy centres and has given me plenty of work to get on with on the journey of healing! I would recommend this to anyone!"


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