Short Quick Readings (look further down this page for LONG Readings)

Tea & Tarot Readings (10mins £20)

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Psychic Tarot Readings with Georgina Holdsworth

Using her spiritual intuition and tarot cards, Georgina offers short and long readings both inside the shop and online via WhatsApp or Zoom. Click on the Reviews to see what customers are saying.


* Tea & Tarot - (10mins £20) BOOK HERE

* Full Psychic Reading (30mins £59) BOOK HERE

* Mini Online Reading (10mins £20) BOOK HERE

* Full Online Reading (30mins £59) BOOK HERE


Aura Readings with Richard Barriball

(£25 for 30 minutes)


Richard has been featured in UK magazines "Kindred Spirit" & "Chat It's Fate" with over 10 years professional experience. BOOK HERE

Red, yellow, green or blue, What does your aura say about you?

A 22-page pdf you will receive, All about you if you believe.

So have a go and take a seat, And watch your moving aura beat. 


Readings with Alison Demarco 

Author as seen and heard on TV, Radio, Newspapers, & Magazines. Mobile: 07716 669566


* Tea & Tarot Mini Reading (10mins £20)

Alison is an experienced Clairvoyant & Card reader. She offers insights & guidance towards the past, present and future, including clarity on relationships, communication, confidence and life purpose. Alison has communicated with Spirit since childhood and will pass on any messages she receives during the reading.

Review from PJ Just to let everyone know that I’ve been for a reading with Alison at Shining Light. She is amazing, I can’t describe just how fantastic experience she gave me, she is the best and I mean that. Bookings: 07716 669566


Psychic Tarot Readings (30mins £59)

This is an in-depth reading. Alison is an experienced Clairvoyant & Card Reader. Since childhood she has communicated with Spirit and will pass on any messages she receives during the reading. The reading will cover the most important issues and questions, including the past, present and future. Understanding your life pathway, life purpose, relationships, communication, personality, are coupled with a tried and tested formula on the ‘HOW’ to heal & restore equilibrium to the mind, body & soul.

Review Shona Thank you to Alison who gave me a reading today. She was friendly and welcoming. The reading was so accurate and I was happy to get a message from my Dad too. I can’t wait to go back for a full reading. Bookings: 07716 669566


* Combined Psychic Readings & NLP (60mins £85)

An in-depth Reading, including - Tarot - Colour, Face, Temperament, Personality Readings & NLP. Covering the past, present and future. This reading offers clarity on that which is most important to you, including relationships, communication, personality, confidence and life purpose. Alison has communicated with Spirit since childhood and will pass on any messages she receives during the reading. Alison presents a tried and tested formula on the ‘HOW’ to heal & restore equilibrium to the mind, body & soul, including motivational tools.

Review Hayley Thank you very much for such a lovely reading and your generous time given. Your unique Face Reading system is very insightful and has helped me understand myself much clearer. I would recommend your services to anyone looking for some sound guidance. A in person or online. Bookings: 07716 669566


The Biofield Viewer - Aura Video Camera (30mins - £35)

The Biofield Viewer is a digital viewer which reveals the Aura, and Chakras as living energy fields. The invisible made visible. This Biofield Viewer observes and makes visible the energetic functionality of Aura revealing any imbalances and areas that would benefit from healing/treatment. I trained with scientist Harry Oldfield over 20 years ago and have now updated my Biofield Viewer to the latest state of the art version. The Biofield Viewer is no gimmick, it is a scientific approach that allows light interference patterns to be observed between the human Biofield system, and a standardised lighting system. For many years I, like many other Professionals world wide have used this system successfully for clients who wish to know the health of their Aura. As a Holistic Practitioner and due to years of experience using the Biofield Viewer, I believe dis-ease/ disharmony are first seen as energetic imbalances within the Biofield. Your Biofield Viewer Session will be conducted in a private room. Myself and an assistant will be present, unless otherwise requested. During your Biofield Viewer Session, you will observe your Aura in motion, in real time. We will discuss the energetic patterns I see within your Aura and if required I will suggest any beneficial Holistic treatments. Bookings: 07716 669566


Face & Temperament Personality Reading (30mins £59)

Understand your core personality, behaviours, mannerisms, reactions and actions through a Face Reading.

Understand how your Temperament which is seen in the overall shape of your body has an impact on your personality.

Find out what your most prominent element is and what this says about you as well as identifying those personalities you gravitate towards and those you do not and why. Knowing this will help you to create the life you were born to live. Bookings: 07716 669566


Alison Demarco – Author – Colour Tarot Reader – NLP Practitioner – Life Coach


Readings with Malcolm
Edinburgh - Tuesday and Friday
Falkirk - Mon, Wed, Thur, Saturday


* Tea & Tarot - (10mins £20) BOOK HERE


* Tarot Readings (30 minutes - £59) BOOK HERE


* (1-hour £85) BOOK HERE

The primary purpose of a Tarot Reading is to quickly and simply enable good choices & above all eliminate genuinely faulty expectations and unrealistic choices which will lead to poor life outcomes. You can ask the age old questions in the life domains of relationships, finances, career, changes, travel, life direction, creative interests, talent development, and so much more.


A Reading acts as a catalyst to self-change & self-initiation. It enables us to see what will happen if we continue in the current direction we are going now. Readings allow a moment of considering possible future options or different courses. In life, we are not merely subject to fate. We do have a choice.


* Oracle Readings (30min - £59)

Where you are enquiring of an Oracle, be precise with your question, ask simple questions, and lots of them, rather than one large general question. Write your questions down before your appointment and bring them with you.



* Astrology Readings (30min £85, 1 hour - £99)

The Reading includes a PDF written Report which is sent to your Email address. Prior to an Astrological appointment please supply by email your 1. Date of Birth 2. Time of Birth (example 4.20pm) 3. Place of Birth (Town/City & the Country) Email to and put 'Astrology' in the Subject line.

BOOK HERE (30mins)

BOOK HERE (60mins)


* Tarot, Oracle & Basic Astrology Reading (1-hour - £99, 90min £119 )

Astrology Readings give clients their individual character traits from birth, some sense of 'life timing' to a Reading, and on request your best 'astro-locaity' for life experience in the world (the best place to be or visit). Please send your Astrological details to Malcolm before the appointment so he can calculate the charts and have them ready for you. You will need:- Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Time of Birth (as close to your first breath as you know. If you don't know for sure, please do not guess; just say "unknown".) The astrological details should be sent by email to and please put 'Astrology' in the Subject field. Please send any special questions along with your birth details in the email.

BOOK HERE (60mins)

BOOK HERE (90mins)


Readings with Debbie

* Full Angel Tarot Card Reading (£35 for 30mins)

* Tea & Tarot Reading (£20 for 10mins)


Debbie Kelly is an experienced Angel tarot card reader who uses the Angels and Guides to help her connect with spirit during her readings. Bookings: 07872 591185


All readings and therapies require a £10 deposit, (non refundable). Either:

  • on paypal using
  • or pay in the shop.